The Solomon Channel

Great answers come out of great questions.
And Richard Solomon has a knack for asking those questions.

With warmth, intuitiveness, and enthusiasm, he connects with his subjects and gets them to reveal themselves—as well as their particular skill or area of expertise—openly and unguardedly, more like a conversation than a dry Q&A. In fact, it’s amazing how often you feel that Richard’s questions are the ones you would have asked yourself.

If you’ve never heard a Richard Solomon interview, if you haven’t heard how his heart and insight get people to share publicly as they rarely do, then for some samples. Missing out on these interviews is. . . out of the question!

Chat over beers with a favorite musician; learn why a famous Italian chef often chooses muenster over mozzarella; meet an entire off-Broadway cast backstage; join the crew of a naval vessel during Fleet Week; get inside the head of a recovering gambling addict; find out how astronauts deal with bodily functions inside a space capsule.

What would you like to know? Whether it’s history, law, food, music, health, science, or business—Richard finds people who have both knowledge and interesting stories. As he puts it: “Phenomenal subjects, phenomenal guests.”

Solomon Channel Programs